Date and time: 14 August 2022 Sunday, 11:00–13:00 CET

Place: Online on Zoom. You will receive the link one day before the workshop. Registration through the website is compulsory. 

Price: Pay As You Can through PayPal.  ( Your donations help towards IT costs and workshop costs.)

Led by: Secil Honeywill

“The hottest year on record” is a headline that seems to be on auto replay.
Do summers seem much hotter and longer to you now than when you were a child?
It’s definitely hotter than last year, and the dangerous heat we’re experiencing right now is already becoming normal, even being counted among cooler days elsewhere.

This month we looked into how fossil fuel companies are playing with our futures to their heart’s content while simultaneously looking to maximise their profits.

Here is a quick exercise we did at the workshop:

It’s 2060. There is a big water shortage in the world. You are reminiscing about how you used to use the water without worry. You remember the days when you ran the tap for a bit before you filled your glass with water. Or how you used to take baths every two or three days. Leave the tap running while brushing your teeth. Give your car a long wash with a hose or water your garden with a hosepipe.

(Think about how you use water in your everyday life now. And imagine that it is all gone.)

Write a monologue.

If you can not make it after you registered for the workshop please let us know so we can let others in.

During the workshop we will be making a film and taking photos that will appear later on this website and in our social media platforms. Please let us know if you don’t want to be in them.