Playwriting community in Berlin

WriteNow Berlin, is a playwriting community based in Berlin. You may have never written a play before or even been to the theatre. All you need is a story or an idea that we can develop together and turn it into a text that can be staged.  

The aim of this project is to produce plays that fight injustice, inequality and discrimination in the world and to ensure that these plays reach as many people as possible.

WriteNow Berlin is a new playwriting programme starting in September 2019. It aims to create a new playwriting community in Berlin. The programme will have two parts: a mentoring programme and a series of monthly workshops

The theme of this year will be plays written in Turkish by the ‘new wave’ of Turkish migration in Berlin.

New wave migrants are not from Turkey alone. Many democracies around the world are transforming into authoritarian regimes that stifle individual freedoms. And Berlin is one of many destinations in which those escaping such regimes end up. As long as dictators come to power through elections, such migration will continue. The more the basic human rights and freedoms are restricted, the more people will look for places where they feel they can live freely.

The monthly workshops will be open to anyone – no prior theatre or writing experience is necessary . The workshops will be run in English and will feature well-known playwrights and dramaturgs from Turkey and UK who will speak about writing techniques, character work and structuring dialogues. The workshops are planned to start in September; details about location and dates will be announced on this website.

This year’s mentoring programme will be open to the new wave of Turkish and Kurdish migrants to Berlin – with particular focus on the stories of those who left Turkey after 2013 Gezi Park protests  – those who were made to feel like second class citizens in their own country, whose hopes were crushed and who realised they had no choice but to leave, or indeed were made to leave, a country that was no longer free and fair.

Six people will be selected to work on a new play each through mentoring provided by Secil Honeywill. We will guide these playwrights through the writing process to create plays that will be ready to stage. The plays will then be translated into German and presented as rehearsed readings to theatre directors, producers and dramaturgs. The aim is to introduce these new texts to theatres to facilitate their staging.

Project Coordinator: Seçil Honeywill

Seçil Honeywill is a theatre translator, writer, director and producer who worked in Turkey and UK. She studied Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy at Istanbul University. Between 2005-2009 she worked as a mentor and the coordinator of the Oyun Yaz Project which was Turkey’s first new writing project at the time. After moving to London, she wrote and directed plays with the Ala Turka group at the Arcola Theatre. She has been translating plays since 2008 and won the best translator award in 2012 for her adaptation of Lucy Kirkwood’s ‘It Felt Empty When the Heart Went at First But It is Alright Now’. She currently lives in Berlin with her husband and their 11 year old son.