We are excited to share the ten videos of the winning plays. We launched a 10-minute plays competition back in June 2020. The only rule of the competition was that all the plays had to take place during the COVID lockdown. We read lots of remarkable plays. We announced the winners a month later and worked hard to find people who wanted to get together and collaborate to bring these plays to life.

We would like to thank every director, actor, editor, DoP and sound designer who generously gave their time and resources to make this happen. Without them we couldn’t have done it.

We would have loved to have performed these plays live but we had actors and directors from all different parts of the world and for this reason it would have been a real challenge to do it live.

Nevertheless, it was good to be in a ‘rehearsal room’ again, collaborating, experimenting and making theatre. You might argue if it’s the ‘real thing’. Is it really possible to recreate the magic of the stage on online platforms? What do we call it if it is not a live transaction but still a theatre play?

We are not in the same room. There is no stage. But it’s here. It’s unique. It is an original work.