The Writing Retreat September 7-8, 2024

in collaboration with The Barracks

We are so happy to be hosting this long writing weekend at The Barracks, a remote woodland home surrounded by trees, nature, and organic deliciousness (and pigs!), where you will forget to look at your phones. (Can you imagine that?)

In these two days, you will get a lot of quality writing time plus daily creative writing workshops to fuel your mind. We will do a reading and sharing session at the end of each day.

You can develop your work in progress or start a new project from scratch following writing workshops. In any case, we will help you to overcome whatever block you have and get you started on the thing that you’ve been meaning to write, be it a short story, a play, a script, or a poem.

It will be personal, emotional, and lots of fun.

Anyone is welcome. You don’t have to be an experienced writer to join, but you will definitely leave with lots of creative ideas and materials in your notebook.

Are we going to do anything else other than writing?

Of course. There will be tree hugging, forest bathing, night-time campfire chats, early morning yoga, and whatever other wonderful activities The Barracks feel like offering.

What shall I bring?

A big notebook and lots of pens.

The Barracks? What is it?

The Barracks has been called many things, including “An Arc against climate collapse,” “a living art project,” and “home of the Happy Doomer.” While it may not offer 5-star luxury, it’s far from a place of slumming it as well. Here, they grow all their own food, diligently work on the extensive medical herb garden for 2024, contemplate rebuilding after collapse, practise radical authenticity, rescue piggies, and just enjoy being alive in a beautiful forest, far from cities.

Where is it?

The Barracks in Triebel, Germany.

How much will it cost?

The cost is 120 Euro, which includes 2 days of accommodation, food, and drinks.

Where can I get the tickets?

You can buy it from the Barracks website

Make It Personal

It’s impossible to tell the WHOLE climate story. What do you care about most within this crisis?

Think about a character you’re already creating and think about how climate change fits into their story. Climate can be a unique way to look at any topic or character. You don’t have to solve everything or make the world different in your portrayal of climate.

There’s plenty of space to show just a piece of the climate story and still bring climate change into everyday discussions, making a significant impact.

Plot Twist Challenge: A Zero Waste Office Christmas Fiasco

Interested in a quick 10-minute writing activity?

Here is the story:

It’s the annual Zero Waste Office Christmas Party. Everyone’s decked out in eco-friendly glitz, munching on planet-friendly treats, and sipping delicious organic beers when suddenly… a Secret Santa blunder of EPIC proportions!

One of the team members, let’s call him Dave, decides to gift his colleague—a passionate environmentalist—a mysterious box. Everyone assumes it’s a thoughtful eco-surprise, but as soon as it’s opened, gasps fill the room! It’s not an eco-friendly art piece, but a… let’s just say, an unexpected, slightly risqué item that sparks a mix of shock, laughter, and a LOT of blushing!

Meanwhile, Yvonne, who’s always the classiest in the room, decides to let her hair down a bit and tries a mocktail made from locally sourced ingredients. But oopsie daisy, one too many sips and she’s belting out karaoke like a superstar—much to the amusement of the whole office!

As if that’s not enough, the boss, who’s always the calmest person around, gets caught up in a game of eco-trivia and, thanks to a few too many festive tipples, starts spouting random facts about polar bears to anyone who’ll listen.

The next day, everyone in the office is talking, laughing, and feeling a bit silly about what happened. Your job is to turn this into an exciting story! Will it have a happy ending, lots of funny surprises, or teach us something special? Perhaps it’s about not having too many drinks, or that last drink we should’ve said no to!

Your Challenge: Write a short story about the aftermath of this Zero Waste Office Christmas Party fiasco. Mix in some giggles, and imagine all sorts of fun things! Tag us and share your tale—it’s time to make the planet-friendly party of the year unforgettable!

Then you can share your short story with us.

You don’t need to be a writer, and you can express your thoughts in any language that feels right. No strict guidelines, just your imagination painting a brighter future.

We would happily promote your website or links to your other works. So, if you like, please send us a short bio and a photo when you submit your work.