Swap Shopping for Writing: A Path to Happiness

Barbie’s latest movie is all the rage, with its dazzling sets, toe-tapping tunes, and a sprinkle of feminist flair. It’s a record smasher and critics are showering it with love. 

The new trend made fast fashion and makeup brands rush to join in. They quickly made new collections inspired by Barbie. It was like they wanted to cover the big piles of fashion waste in bright pink clothes super fast. This trend is making the piles of fashion waste even bigger in the Global South, and it’s causing more problems with waste. Even worse, those fake clothes are releasing tiny plastic bits, like confetti, and guess where they go? Yep, into our bodies.

Can we all agree that life in plastic isn’t so fantastic and fast fashion brands are already producing far more clothes than anyone in the world actually needs?

Now, here’s the fun part! We want YOU to come up with a short story (or a long one!) about sustainable fashion. Don’t overthink it; just start writing. Make it fun by creating quirky, fashion-focused characters and placing them in challenging situations. You’ll be surprised to see where your story goes. To help kickstart your creativity, here are some character ideas for you:

Polyester Penny: She’s a serial Primark shopper, and her closet is a rainbow of trendy, fast-fashion finds. Penny can sniff out a bargain from miles away, and her shopping sprees are the stuff of legends.

Shirt-a-Day Sam: Meet Sam, the guy who owns 26 shirts, all the same style, but in different eye-popping colours. He’s convinced it’s a brilliant way to simplify his life and make a fashion statement all at once.

Shoe-Shuffling Sarah: Sarah refuses to wear the same pair of shoes for more than a month. Her closet looks like a shoe store, and she’s always on the hunt for the next stylish pair to step into.

Eco-Warrior Ethan: Ethan is an extreme advocate of sustainable fashion. He wears the same outfit every day, and his wardrobe consists of only one pair of clothes and shoes. He’s on a mission to reduce fashion waste.

Vintage Vera: Vera is a vintage fashion enthusiast. She’s got a treasure trove of classic pieces from every era, and her style is a delightful blend of old and new.

Haute Couture Harry: Harry is a fashion snob who only wears high-end designer clothes. He believes fashion is an art form and never steps out without being dressed to the nines.

Mismatched Molly: Molly is the queen of mismatched fashion. She pairs patterns, colours, and styles that would make anyone else cringe, but somehow, it works, and she’s a trendsetter.

Thrift Store Tom: Tom lives for thrift stores. He loves the thrill of finding hidden gems at bargain prices. His eclectic wardrobe tells stories of the people who wore his clothes before him.

Cosplay Chloe: Chloe doesn’t just wear clothes; she transforms into different characters every day. Her closet is a cosplay wonderland, and she’s always ready for a themed party.

Minimalist Max: Max’s fashion philosophy is “less is more.” His wardrobe consists of a few versatile, high-quality pieces that can mix and match effortlessly. He’s all about simplicity and timeless style.

These characters can add depth, humour, and inspiration to your fashion-focused story. Have fun exploring their fashion quirks and weaving their stories into your narrative!

We believe that writing can bring about change, and we want you to join us in using it to raise awareness and inspire action. By sharing your work with us, you’ll be part of a community of individuals who care deeply about the environment and are dedicated to making a difference.

No matter your level of experience with writing, we invite you to be a part of this project. Let’s work together to use the power of words to drive positive change and make a lasting impact on our planet.

You’re welcome to submit your stories in any language you’re most comfortable with.

We would happily promote your website or links to your other works. So, if you like,  please send us a short bio and a photo when you submit your work.

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