Taking a Break from Doom and Gloom

Can you ever imagine a world where our environmental dreams come true? Take a moment to give yourself permission to answer this question: ‘If there were no obstacles, and we could have whatever we wished for, what kind of world would we create?’

Now, gently close your eyes and envision this world:

How does it function?
What kind of technology thrives in it?
In what delightful ways does it sparkle with beauty?
What’s an ordinary day like for people living in this world?

What does your hopeful world look like in your imagination?

We invite you to share your vision with us at WriteNow Berlin. You don’t need to be a writer, and you can express your thoughts in any language that feels right. No strict guidelines, just your imagination painting a brighter future. Let’s dream together of a sustainable and marvellous world.

We would happily promote your website or links to your other works. So, if you like, please send us a short bio and a photo when you submit your work. 

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