Imagine this scene:

It’s Black Friday at Media Markt in Alexanderplatz, and chaos has a new address.

A herd of people is running around the shop like headless chickens, grabbing whatever they can get. It’s a war scene. A TV set falls on someone’s head. He is seriously injured, lying on the floor. People jump over him to get to the Waffle Maker shelf. The 10 Euro Waffle Maker transports the shoppers into a seething sea of waffle-loving monsters. They’re ripping the shelves like it is feeding time at the zoo, holding as many as six waffle makers at a time. It’s like a mosh pit at a metal concert, but no one’s having a good time, and everyone hates each other. So far, 29 people have been injured, and one elderly woman is hospitalized.

Amidst the chaos, an unexpected character walks in. It’s none other than Albert Einstein, resurrected for a special Black Friday cameo. With wild hair and a mischievous grin, he scans the pandemonium.

Einstein clears his throat, capturing the attention of every shopper. “E=mc² may be the equation of the universe, but today, it stands for ‘Every appliance = my chaos².’ Let’s rethink this, my friends. Is a discounted blender really worth sacrificing your dignity for?”

The entire store freezes. Shoppers exchange perplexed glances as if an alien just spoke fluent waffle maker. The waffle frenzy pauses, and for a moment, it’s as if time itself is reevaluating its choices.

What happens next? Your turn to decide! Share your absurd comedy short story with us. You can submit it here. We will publish it here, on our website. Let’s turn this Black Friday madness into a tale of cosmic hilarity.  

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