Cheers for mucking up the planet, now lead us to fix it!

Fancy a 10-minute writing challenge? Let’s warm up those creative juices!

‘Scene set at COP28 in Dubai: In a swanky conference room, an oil mogul, slick in a suit, sits across from a policymaker, both eyeing the top spot. The conversation veers from absurd to downright ridiculous as they navigate through climate policies, each trying to outmanoeuvre the other with their agendas.’

Writing tip: Be delightfully silly.


We invite you to share your vision with us at WriteNow Berlin. You don’t need to be a writer, and you can express your thoughts in any language that feels right. No strict guidelines, just your imagination painting a brighter future. Let’s dream together of a sustainable and marvellous world.

We would happily promote your website or links to your other works. So, if you like, please send us a short bio and a photo when you submit your work. 

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