‘I’m not a scientist but…’

Did you ever think about why some people refuse to believe in climate change? Why do they find excuses not to take meaningful action towards a sustainable life? Maybe denying the problem is a way of coping. The problem is so huge that the mind tries to save us from utter hopelessness by pushing aside thoughts of climate change. Denial kicks in as our minds default to temporary self-preservation.

It’s not because we don’t care. Climate change is disturbing. It’s something we don’t want to think about. So what we do in our everyday lives is create a world where it’s not there, and keep it distant. We create a sense of a good, safe world for ourselves, we screen out all kinds of information, from where food comes from to how our clothes are made. When we talk with our friends, we usually talk about something pleasant.

In our April workshop, we did an exercise called ‘I’m not a scientist but‘.
Would you like to try it?
Find three subjects that you have completely no idea about.
For example,
Marine biology
German Grammar

Pick one subject. For example, you picked cryptocurrency. Write a monologue starting with
‘ I am not a broker but-’

The idea here is that you state your thoughts (whether for or against) on the subject which you have no idea about in a super confident way.

Have fun!

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