At the beginning of every year, my heart fills with excitement and fear. How many new people will join? Will they like this year’s programme? Will the workshops motivate them to write more? Most importantly will they get excited? I like it when people get excited. When they feel what they write matters, what they share has meaning for someone else.

We have completed half of this year’s workshops. We are non-stop writing about environmental issues. We go back in time, and remember how we used to consume and live when we were kids. What has changed? It’s quite scary to see how fast and easily we accepted and adapted to a consumerism-driven economic system. We’ve written a lot of pieces so far, and more will be added to this collective piece by the end of the year.

We will showcase some of this work at the Kreuzberger Hoffestspiele. The playreading will take place on the 22nd of June, Wednesday at 20:30 at the Expedition Metropolis Theatre

  Cecilia Gigliotti, Bronwen Pattison, and Joshua Spriggs

Three fantastic actors will read the piece. Bronwen Pattison, Cecilia Gigliotti, and Joshua Spriggs are wonderful additions to our team. We had our first rehearsal today, and they brought the entire text to life with just the first reading. I consider myself extremely fortunate and grateful to have met and to be working with such talented actors.

This year’s festival piece is written by:

Maria Vittoria Zinoni

Rebecca Lyon

A J Baker

Ece Ozdemiroglu

Tony Vale

Asena inceismail

Alice Rugai

Tom Kealy

Abdullah Öztürk

Storm Jackson-Payne

Natsu Hirukawa

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