Love, Laughter, and Low Carbon: Write Your Climate Rom-Com Magic!

The most important thing you can do to fight climate change is talk about it ’ climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe says. That’s the most crucial thing that anyone can do to fight our changing climate. It doesn’t involve switching to solar energy or composting. (Although those are still incredibly helpful things to do.) You can do it anytime, anywhere. 

It has got nothing to do with how much we know about science or even how smart we are. When it comes to talking about the changing climate, it’s all about changing our conversation style. Instead of throwing data and facts at each other, we should start by finding common ground in our shared values. 

Why not have a chat with your friends, loved ones, and community about climate change? You’d be amazed at how much of a positive impact a single conversation can make. And then you can write down a story about it. It could be a fantasy, comedy, satire, drama, sci-fi or gritty realism. Climate change can totally be woven into any type of story or genre, no problem!

You’ve got some serious superpowers when it comes to making a big impact on climate change through what you write. Imagine if your characters, in their everyday lives, started doing climate-friendly stuff like eating green and getting around in eco-friendly ways. And guess what? These actions don’t have to be boring or dull. Let’s make them downright sexy! Let’s give our characters a whole new vibe when they chow down on a plant-rich diet (think Michelin Green Star restaurants, baby!), join protests, or rock some vintage upcycled threads. (And hey, if your story demands a fancy yacht, why not make it solar-powered? That’s how we roll!)

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